Manure Treatment

One of the issues associated with concentrating very large numbers of animals at farm sites is greater concentration of manures. These facilities, which include confined feeding operations and feedlots, have become a common and specialized part of the livestock production process. Over the past 18 years, manure and waste-handling and disposal problems from intensive animal production have received attention as facilities have increased in size and the effects of these perceived challenges reached beyond the industry to affect others.

A number of forces are at work in this segment of agriculture. These include changes in the livestock industries themselves -- specifically the concentration of animals in larger facilities, because of cost and production quality advantages. The presence of these types of facilities has led, in some cases, to conflicts between farm operators and their neighbors over such issues as corporate farming, odors, and air and water quality.

Direct Biologicals has evolved with the livestock industry and fundamentally understands the different facets of issues that challenge producers on a daily basis. From solids management to odor control, there truly is no one "silver bullet" that is the solution to every problem in the industry. Depending on the sector, manures may be handled as dry litter, concentrated in pits, or in lagoons and other outdoor storage structures for subsequent land application.

Each manure treatment and storage structure is a unique, but categorized entity that most likely has been dealt with by the principals involved in this company. At Direct Biologicals, we confidently say that we have "seen it all." We have observed in the field what works and doesn't work in certain situations and our product line has been designed to address many of the challenges in each sector of today's livestock industry. The products Direct Biologicals offers today are the result of 17 years of field work in the manure management industry working with producers on a daily basis to find the best possible solutions.

Our Products:

Pit Digester
Crust Buster
Our Products:

Pit Digester Sulfi-Doxx Sporzyme

Crust Buster N-Tercept