N-tercept is a new Direct Fed Microbial feed additive that combines three technologies proven to promote animal health and improve the environment in and around animal production facilities. N-tercept is unique in the fact that it has been designed to provide manure treatment liquefication, while preventing protein decomposition and ammonia formation. Preventing ammonia formation at the source allows producers to retain more nitrogen during production and subsequent land application.

Some benefits include:

Increased Manure Value - using projections based on a study at 7 yr. old barns using the Sporzyme portion alone increased the manure value over control by 145% the cost of N-tercept.

  • More pounds of N/P/K = more bushels of corn or reduced fertilizer cost/acre
  • More nutrients in suspension = less solids build up = greater pit holding capacity + increased pumping efficiency
  • Happy land owner = less local issues and potentially more barn sites
  • Lower pH and ammonia Emissions - adding Yucca Pro and Sporzyme Lacto to Sporzyme will aid in keeping the pH at the desired 7 level, while reducing both gut and manure ammonia emissions
  • Lower manure ammonia emissions = more pounds of N in the manure = more corn or less fertilizer cost
  • Lower gut ammonia emissions = more nitrogen available for protein deposition = more pounds of lean gain
  • Lower total ammonia emissions = improved environment for pigs, workforce, and neighbors

Lower E-coli Barn Counts - the combination of Sporzyme and Yucca Pro lowered the e-coli population over a 6 week nursery period from 1,100,00 down to 750 colony forming units.

  • Lower e-coli population = lower health challenges, treatments, and potentially pigs marketed

Improved Gut Health - Sporzyme, Yucca Pro and Sporzyme Lacto aid in gut heath. Yucca Pro - intestinal ammonia causes damage to epithelial cells within the mucosa that line the intestinal tract and are responsible for the digestion and absorption of nutrients. Sporzyme Lacto - the ability of L. plantarum to produce antimicrobial substances helps them survive in the gastro-intestinal tract. The antimicrobial substances produced have shown significant effect on Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria.

  • Reduced intestinal ammonia = improved intestinal tract and better nutrient absorption = improved performance
  • Probiotic effect = improved gut environment = improved performance

Reduced Cleaning Time - A Kansas State University study showed the use of Sporzyme reduces cleaning time of a 1,250 head barn by 44 minutes. This is due to reduced "stickiness" of the manure.

  • Less cleaning time = more time for drying before placement of new pigs = improved health environment = potential for lower treatment cost and more pigs marketed
  • Lowers Salmonella risk