Nutri-Cycle, a targeted 21 strain microbial product, has been designed to make row crops and cover crops grow bigger, encroach deeper into the soil and generate bigger yields. It contains both spore-forming and vegetative strains of bacteria, as well as fungi. Nutri-Cycle mines nutrients bound as insoluble salts from the soil such as phosphorus, potassium, iron and zinc. It also sequesters nitrogen, as a nitrogen fixer, from the ground and atmosphere and feeds it to plants.

All the species of organisms in Nutri-Cycle have been demonstrated in peer reviewed journals to increase yield and size of plants including stalks, leaves and root systems. It demonstrates the “additive effect” of using multiple strains of biofertilizer organisms. These organisms coat the root systems of plants and create a biofilm, or slime layer, that actually becomes part of the plant and protects the plant from harm. At the same time, it feeds the plant various nutrients that are essential for growth.

In the soil, the microbes degrade organic matter into smaller pieces of nitrogen and carbon that plants can absorb and transform into tissue. This process also reduces compaction in the soil, allows for better water retention and alleviates stress from drought conditions. In addition, the microbes are able to decompose hydrocarbon residues that are left behind from herbicides and pesticides that have an oil backbone. When the hydrocarbons are degraded, the root systems are then able to penetrate through the “hard pan” into the soil much deeper. This bioremediation process enables the plant to access previously inaccessible nutrients and also drill deeper into the moisture rich layers of soil. Nutri-Cycle also is able to degrade crop residues year over year and thus accelerate addition of organic matter to the soil. This process creates a “compounding yield effect” that produces increased yields each year with subsequent treatment.

As this product evolves, the diversity of organisms continues to increase. In 2017, we will be adding strains of phototrophic bacteria capable of carbon and nitrogen fixation, as well as a strain of Actinomycetes. In addition, we will be licensing four strains of organisms, protected by a USPTO patent, that are capable of protecting seeds from cold snaps and frost in the Spring. Nutri-Cycle customers are again experiencing record yields in the field, as 2017 data is reported from various regions of the United States. The previous record in Minnesota of 18 bushels/acre increased yield for corn has now been replaced by 24 bushels/acre in North Dakota.

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