Sulfi-Doxx is a proprietary mixture of microbes, lignins and oxidative compounds selected for their unique and proven absorption qualities from three domestic sources and one international lignin manufacturer. SULFI-DOXX is a cutting edge product designed to control hydrogen sulfide emissions during agitation and manure pumping, which can results in pig loss.

Due to its unique properties, Sulfi-Doxx effectively removes sulfur compounds, including corrosive and toxic hydrogen sulfide gas, as well as numerous other organic compounds that are released during anaerobic decomposition of cattle and swine manure. This prevents their release not only during pit agitation, but during everyday livestock production. As a result, air quality and manure liquefication is vastly improved in and around hog and cattle buildings. Sulfi-Doxx also traps nitrogen compounds as ammonium ions and organic nitrogen through a varying chemical process, reducing the volatilization of ammonia during storage and land application.

Sulfi-Doxx helps prevent solids from forming inside the pit, as well. The product contains hydrolytic and fibrolytic enzymes for DDGS digestion, that reduce solids and promote easier pumpability of manure. It contains various trace minerals that are essential for microbial growth. When the product absorbs contaminents, such as hydrogen sulfide, it removes inhibitory compounds that are toxic to bacteria and creates a much healthier environment for the products various microbes to grow. In addition, Sulfi-Doxx decreases foaming during manure agitation, requiring less trips to the field during land application.

Sulfi-Doxx is available in 2.5 gallon containers and 300 gallon totes.

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