Anson Farm, Nebraska

Pit Digester | Manure Treatment

The Problem:

Due to engineering issues, ten x 1200 head pull plug finishing buildings were not draining properly to the primary lagoon. Solids had accumulated in the pits where they were 6 inches away from the bottom of the slats. The producer wanted to get the manure to drain more efficiently so they wouldn't have to jet the solids out of the lines.

The Solution:

Four 5 gallon buckets of Pit Digester were used in several of the worst buildings. The entire footprint of each building was treated with Pit Digester in each pen. The plugs were held for 4 weeks.

The Results:

The plugs were pulled and the manure slowly began to move down the drain. Periodically, over the course of one hour, a hose would have to be placed at the drain to help the manure flow. However, in each building, the manure went down the drains in each pit. The project was considered a success.