Crown Prairie Farms, Iowa

Crust Buster | Manure Treatment

The Problem:

Several different 2,400 head double-wide deep pit finishers had developed serious crusts for this producer. He was trying two bacterial pit additives that were showing no signs of beating the crusts. The feed included 35% DDGS in the rations and flies were terrible.

The Solution:

The producer plumbed his medicators to soaker systems in several of his problem barns. The product was added to the drums via the plumbing system and injected into the soakers during close-outs of the buildings to contact the entire crust with CrustBuster. Two gallons of product were added to each building.

The Results:

Within seven days, the crusts in each of the 10 rooms showed crust liquefication. There were some barns that had experienced fly problems year round for three years that disappeared in one week with CrustBuster application. Several workers in the barns were very relieved that they didn't have to battle flies at work every day. The project was considered successful.