H.F. Farms, Iowa

The Problem

A large finishing operation in Iowa had crusting and fly problems in several barns. They also had manure pumping issues in several barns, as well. The producer had tried several pit additives for the crusting with limited success.

The Solution

A maintenance program with the bacillus feed additive Sporzyme was implemented in several buildings during May of 2010. The product was added at a rate of one pound per ton in select finishing rations to monitor results.

The Results

Sporzyme was not the only product being used in this trial. Several competing bacterial and enzyme pit additives were tested for comparison. During the fall of 2010, the pits were pumped and data was collected. Sporzyme was the only product that had crusting in zero buildings and all pumped down to 10-12". Based on the results, as well as reduced cleaning times, the entire finishing operation went on maintenance with Sporzyme.

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