Howard Farms, North Carolina

The Problem

A 2,600 head flush system nursery site in North Carolina with an anaerobic lagoon had developed a sludge problem. The lagoon was becoming close to being out of compliance with the State of North Carolina and needed to regain storage capacity. The producer had used several different ineffective products and felt he was running out of time.

The Solution

A blend of strict anaerobic bacteria, Spectrum λ850 was added to the lagoon. The product was added at a rate of one gallon per 25,000 gallon of lagoon effluent due to the high level of sludge. After 2-3 weeks, the lagoon began to slow its release of gas bubbles. The decision was made to agitate the sludge off the sidewalls to provide more food for the bacteria.

The Results

The lagoon was surveyed for sludge later in the fall by an independent Murphy-Brown employee. The professional survey determined that the level of sludge had decreased by over 20% by the end of the trial and the density of the sludge had decreased by over 65%. In addition, the lagoon odor had disappeared and the effluent had turned green. The producer was very pleased to have some breathing room with the State, and continued a treatment program.