J.H. Farms, Iowa

The Problem

A 1200 head deep pit barn in Northwest Iowa had a one foot thick crust and the predicted accompaniment of flies. The producer was concerned that the building was only its second year of production and already had a severe problem.

The Solution

Crust Buster was applied through the slats to the crust, covering the entire footprint of the barn. One 2.5 gallon jug was diluted with several 5 gallon buckets of water and applied.

The Results

The field man for the Coop applied the product on a Friday then returned to the building 5 days later to check the progress. He probed the barn with a 10 foot piece of PVC pipe and checked the pump-out ports for crusting. He was able to find no evidence of crusting in the building. He also found it remarkable that "I could hardly breathe without inhaling a fly and five days later I couldn't find a fly." The project was regard a resounding success.

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