J.J. Farms, South Dakota

The Problem

This particular producer had solids building up in his deep pits. Each 1300 head building had 3 feet of thick solids in the bottom and had a deep crust that was harboring insects and rodents. Due to feeding 30% DDGS, this producer knew he was losing pit capacity quickly.

The Solution

An aggressive treatment program was recommended in January 2010 that included treating each pit with 5 gallons of Pit Digester for two months. Product maintenance commenced in March and was continued until the three pits were pumped in November.

The Results

The crust started to break up in April and liquid spots could be seen forming on the surface of the pit. The producer also saw a huge decrease in flies from the previous year. The producer was very surprised and remarked, "I had to see it to believe it." When the pits were pumped in November, all three buildings were reduced in sludge by almost two feet and with the increase in nutrient analysis, the producer received a 10 to 1 return on investment.

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