Swine Graphics Enterprises, Iowa

The Problem

A large pork producer with barns in South-Central Iowa had a four x 1,000 head finishing site that had fly problems associated with crusting. Pit Digester was used in a competitive situation against another product called Ingestobac. Each product received one barn to treat.

The Solution

Pit Digester was double-dosed for three months starting in April. The Pit Crew was on site monitoring the progress each month for the course of the trial. The product was added once per month and spread out through several pump-out ports.

The Results

Over the course of 3 months, Pit Digester began to break up the crust and the surface of the pit changed from dry to liquid. Liquid eruptions began to appear all over the pit and by July, the surface of the pit was bubbling. The fly populations dissipated and the maggots that inhabited the crust all drowned. In contrast, the competitive product building still had large fly populations and crust into the fall. No visible change was observed. Lyle, an employee for the company, concluded that our product was superior for crust treating and was also pleased with how far the buildings pumped down during manure application. The product test was considered a success in Pit Digester's favor.

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