Tschetter Colony, South Dakota

The Problem

A 2.5 million gallon primary lagoon connected to a 1,200 head sow unit was developing an accumulation of anaerobic sludge. During fall pumping, it had been observed that the lagoon was losing capacity and less liquid was being pumped every year. In addition, the lagoon was septic, producing foul odors and nutrients were increasing.

The Solution

Spectrum λ850 was added to the lagoon at the rate of one gallon per 25,000 gallons of lagoon volume. It was added at several different places around the lagoon. We also added 50 gallons to the secondary cell.

The Results

Within 2 weeks, the lagoon was bubbling all over the surface and had turned over. Large chunks of manure were seen breaking loose in several different places. Within 3 weeks, the secondary lagoon began to turn red and was a deep red after 5 weeks with no odor. It took 80 days for the primary lagoon to turn pink and work its way through the accumulated sludge. When the manure was pumped in the fall, they were able to pump an additional 550,000 gallons of manure, indicating a 22% reduction in sludge volume by Spectrum λ850.