Soils are natural living environments which contain extraordinary amounts of organisms that coexist in a complex environment. Due to increasingly intensive agricultural practices, soils can suffer from loss of nutrients, compaction and chemical residues. When soils are not healthy, crop production is compromised.

As these agricultural practices continue into the 21st Century, it will become more and more important to not only replenish soil health, but to engage technologies that release nutrients chemically bound in the soil. Fortunately, as technology has evolved internationally and universities became more open to biological vs. chemical treatments, strains of microbes have been proven to be effective as inoculants to seeds, soil, or plant surfaces.

Direct Biologicals has several proprietary non-GMO microorganism technologies that are unique to the agricultural industry. Formulas have been specifically designed for improving soil compaction and decomposing organic matter. In addition, strains are available that solubilize phosphorus in calcareous, or high pH soil, releasing previously bound phosphate for plant growth. The company also offers nitrogen fixation inoculants for all crops.