Premier Swine, Iowa

The Problem

After moving to feeding 30% DDGS, this producer discovered after pumping in the fall of 2009 that they had between two and three feet of oatmeal-like material in the bottom of several of their 2,400 head double-wide deep pits. In addition, during the summer of 2009, they battled large fly populations in several of the buildings.

The Solution

In April of 2010, fly populations returned to the crusted pits and the producer decided it was time to begin on a treatment program. The pits were all doubled dosed with Sporzyme LIQ until the pits were pumped in the fall.

The Results

As early as July 2010, crusts began to liquefy and bubbling was apparent over the surface of several buildings. Fly populations disappeared, and when the pits were pumped in October, there were only 12" of solids remaining in the bottom of the treated pits. The producer was so pleased; he began a treatment program on all his facilities.

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